What Paint to Use for a Garage, Driveway or Concrete Floor that Won’t Peel?

We’ve all seen it; unsightly concrete with peeling and flaking paint. Paving paint, concrete paint, floor paint; essentially any kind of paint that is going to withstand foot or vehicle traffic is going to, eventually, lose its adhesion to the surface it was applied to. Even with sufficient floor preparation, paint does not have the tactile strength to permanently bond to concrete.

So why do we keep using Paint on Concrete? There are two main reasons:

1. Big companies keep selling them to us, because they want our repeat business in the future. There’s no money in permanent solutions.

2. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to keep our garages, driveways, halls and sidewalks looking nice. Or is it?

ERFLA Saves the Day!

ERFLA have released their ‘No-Peel Paint that they have labelled as a permanent solution for painting concrete surfaces. Despite what the name suggests, ERFLA’s No-Peel Paint is not actually a paint, but a resin coating that will not peel or de-laminate. It behaves somewhat like a paint, and it is DIY friendly, just like paint. It will seal and re-colour any surface to any colour without taking away the texture of the surface beneath it. You will not need to re-coat your concrete surface in 6-months time due to unsightly flaking.

It’s Tested and Proven

ERFLA’s No-Peel Paint is not all talk; it has been tested and proven to withstand the test of time. Just check out this driveway after two years of being coated with ERFLA’s no-peel paint. Their confidence in this product is not without merit.

Still not convinced?

after 2 years

ERFLA have provided a LIFETIME guarantee that this product will never peel or de-laminate from the concrete surface when applied by an approved applicator.

If your surface is needing to withstand high levels of foot or vehicle traffic, you may need to look into a commercial flooring solution with higher performance than paint. There are more durable solutions that we can discuss with you to suit any budget. Talk to us to discuss your needs.

I know what you’re thinking.

Why would we sell a product that does not bring repeat business? Here at Hawk CFC, we are not in the business of making money from creating problems. Our motto is Flooring for LIFE; we stand by this motto and we simply do not compromise on quality. Trust Hawk CFC to get the job done right to give you a floor that suits your lifestyle and will last a lifetime.

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