4 Things to Consider When Deciding to go DIY or Hire a Professional

Concrete Sealers are a resin flooring, and must be understood within the realm of the resin floor industry.

  1. Professional installers have access to International Suppliers of commercial grade floor sealers and coatings to get the job done right, at the right price. They know their product and have the expertise on how to manage them. Applying a resin floor coating is not like laying vinyl, tiles or carpet; it relies on the correct chemical reaction to permanently bond with the concrete. Under the right conditions, a resin floor coating will outlast any other floor.
  2. Downtime: Professional Installers have the right equipment, knowledge and fast-curing materials to maximise efficiency and minimize down-time for your business or home. With resins, every job is a custom job and there are a variety of additives that can be mixed into your floor to ensure it does not fail. Often times, these need for these additives will only be obvious in the midst of the job.
  3. If it goes wrong, it really goes wrong. Sealant application is NOT a recommended DIY project. When it comes to liquid applied flooring solutions, if the sealer is applied to thick, too thin, the wrong product in the wrong environment, you could be in for major removal costs and return to service delays. Get it right the first time!
  4. Hawk CFC has the right product to meet your customised flooring requirements. There are literally thousands of concrete floor sealer manufacturers, and over the last decade HAWK CFC has found the vast majority to be low quality, and not suited to the environment they are applied to.

Hawk CFC can achieve a wide range of tested and proven applications with a workmanship warranty. Some of our most popular flooring options include:

  • Slip Resistance co-efficient
  • UV stability
  • Coloured or clear sealants
  • Coatings and sealers that allow re-coating in the future (line-marking, repairs, maintainance)
  • Minimum Downtime, Rapid-Cure Resins. (We have a coating system that is a One-Time Permanent Application, is installed within 1 day, return to service overnight, and costs you less than our competitors’ products!)
  • Forklift, truck traffic-ability

Concrete is a porous material and is subject to ingress from oil spills and stains, surface fretting, concrete cancer, and can over time become a dangerous trip or slip hazard. Your floor is an asset that deserves protection and to look good for the life of your building.

For further information and pricing feel free to phone or email HAWK CFC.

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