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Professional Line Marking

Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings can complete a wide range of line marking, painting, demarcation and safety symbols.

In the workplace, it can be crucial to create boundaries between moving vehicles and equipment, safety zones and work stations. By differentiating areas and zones, you have effectively established a level of communication to all employees and visitors and created an awareness that a workplace standard exists. Once a standard has been communicated it becomes easier to implement systems and manage efficiency levels.

Resin Line-marking / demarcation is different to line-marking paint because it has greater adhesion, less maintenance requirements, and have a greater ability to withstand traffic conditions.

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What makes this project so important?

After all, signs and physical barriers can also be used. However, it can be hard to be certain that the flow with follow the expected rules, especially in industrial spaces with high foot and vehicle traffic. Signs are not always consistent, permanent, or easily visible to all involved. Barriers can be temporary as well, leaving to changes that can cause confusion.

Here are just a few more benefits of professionally installed line markings:

  • Easy access to essentials: Mark emergency exits or first aid kits for quick access
  • Clear traffic direction: Indicate where foot and vehicle traffic should be separated for safety
  • Simple supply organisation: Keep things in the right areas by marking waste, supplies, and inventory spaces
  • Lead the way: Colours and patterns can be used differently to help staff navigate facilities.

Line marking for any commercial or industrial space

When it comes to making it clear what certain spaces are for, this option is up there with signage in importance. It’s another pivotal way to signal to workers and visitors where it is safe to walk, where vehicles should be operated, and what spaces are (or are not) safe for walking.

When it comes to these demarcations in commercial floor settings, the two main options to choose from are paint and tape. While tape might be a quick fix for your needs, it has its limitations and drawbacks. For one, tape is temporary, which makes it a great short-term solution but not the best option for permanent walkways or indicators.

Instead, properly installed line marking on concrete from a professional installer is a more long-term solution that you can rely on. Paints can also be applied with a number of safety features in themselves, including non-slip finishes and glosses, so that your markings stand out as much as needed.

Looking to reset your space before adding clear lines? Learn about our paint removal services

Customising your demarcation options

Prior to installing marked lines, it’s important to consider the length of time you are going to need the lines to stay in the same place. If there’s a high likelihood of the lines becoming unused or changing location then it may be best to have “temporary” or “semi-permanent” markings installed. If you are setting up your factory or warehouse for permanent zoning then elect for a permanent high build linemarking resin – if it came to it we know how to remove it!

These markings can be installed in a variety of thicknesses, styles, designs, and colours to meet your exact safety guidelines and specifications. For larger industrial spaces, safety lines and markings often correspond with floorplans and can be applied by professionals to exactly match your needs. A number of colours can also be used together as needed, and our team can also advise on the best options for your needs and industry standards. For example, yellow colours are usually used to mark pathways or aisles whereas red and white together mark off restricted areas.

Types of Perth Line Marking Available

  • Straight or curved lines
  • Car bays
  • Numbering stencils
  • Text letters
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Directional arrows
  • Playground markings
  • Loading zones
  • Road marking
  • Low VOC, and water based paints available
  • Safety red, safety yellow (y14), white, disabled blue, green, and custom colours

What To Consider When Choosing a Flooring Team

What types of marking and demarcation does your work environment require?

The short answer to this is to review the Worksafe guidelines as they currently stand, as well as your own knowledge of the safety requirements of your work environment. However, Hawk CFC can give you a site consultation to help advise helpful zoning requirements, based on the experience of numerous other Perth companies.

Hawk CFC services the entire Perth Metropolitan region and regional WA.

How to choose an installer

Look for a provider who understands the regulations and requirements for Worksafe Guidelines, since they will need to ensure compliance as they install your clear lines. This usually comes with years of experience in commercial and industrial flooring work, so you’ll want to explore working with an installer that has plenty of experience. Also be sure to ask about applicable licensure and insurances so that everyone working on your project is properly protected.

Professional flooring installers who can mark out lines in large facilities should also have their equipment on hand and not require any additional rental fees or charges. You can ask about this when you request a quote, which should be done onsite as part of a walkthrough to ensure that your pricing is accurate to your exact specifications.

Why Call Hawk CFC

If you’re ready to update or improve the safety, traffic flow, and organisation of your commercial or industrial space, turn to the experts at Hawk CFC. We’ve served Perth and the surrounds for over eight years with direct experience in commercial sectors.

Our team offers free consultations to provide exact quotes for work so you are never left wondering about hidden fees for services. And since we produce our own concrete coatings and resins, you can have the exact colour, type, and finish that you need. Call us on 0490 777 761 today or message us for a free quote today.

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line marking perth

Frequently Asked Questions About Line Marking in Perth

What are the top uses for clear lines?

Line markings are used both indoors and outdoors at commercial and industrial facilities in a variety of ways including:

  • Aisle markings
  • Traffic patterns
  • Evacuation pathways
  • Hazard indicators
  • Inventory organisation

How long does it take for line marking to dry?

It should only take a few hours for properly applied marking paint to dry in place, giving you a permanent solution that will last much longer and more reliably than tape.

What are the most common paints made out of?

Since they’re applied directly to concrete and designed to hold up against all kinds of traffic, most concrete paints used in these applications contain an element of water-base epoxy. This gives the paint the same durability as the concrete itself and also helps the paint bond to the concrete as opposed to traditional latex paints that can peel or crack with age.

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