We Can Remove Your Existing Floor

Removing an existing floor is often not as easy as people may think. Carpets, vinyls and tiles can leave behind glue and residue which can take specialist equipment to remove. Furthermore, using equipment to remove flooring, such as tiles, can leave behind divots in the concrete which will require repair before the new flooring is installed.

Existing Floor Removal

Why You Should Have Hawk CFC Quote Your Floor Removal

If you plan on installing a resin flooring system and hired an independent contractor to remove your existing floor, you will need to stress the importance of preserving the underlying concrete as much as possible. We commonly receive phone calls from customers requesting a quote who are worried about the state of their concrete after the previous floor was removed by a contractor. At Hawk CFC, we know exactly what’s involved in installing a resin floor, therefore we recommend that you request a quote for us to remove your previous flooring for you as part of an installation package and save yourself time and stress.

You May Not Need To Remove Your Existing Floor

In some cases, a resin floor coating can be installed directly over tiles and some wooden flooring. In circumstances where a leveling screed is needed, or when the concrete beneath the existing flooring is riddled with moisture or bacteria, removing the existing flooring is the best way forward. In most other circumstances, however, it is possible to prepare your old flooring with concrete grinding and resurface with a resin floor coating.

If you are looking to have your existing floor removed, you may also need to consider concrete remediation or concrete grinding.

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