Heavy Foot And Vehicle
Traffic on Your Resin Floor

Foot and Vehicle Traffic

All resin floors are designed to be walked on and many of them to be driven on, so how do you define heavy foot and vehicle traffic? If your building or outdoor area is a public space with pedestrian and customer traffic passing over it every day, this is something worth mentioning to us in your initial consultation.

Workshops or warehouses with high forklift use, shopping centres, carparks, cafes, alfrescos, bars, hotels, hospitals or schools are going to need a high performance floor to keep up with the everyday use of your space.

High performance, industrial, long-lasting resin floors are not only our specialty, but also our passion. With our 10+ years of industry experience, we have seen what will withstand excessive traffic and what will fail under the pressure.

Always check the background and experience of the company behind any quotes you receive, ask them which companies they have worked for in the past and make sure they understand the complications of industrial resin. When high-performance is key, there simply can’t be a one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf solution. If you are provided with a quote that is not completely customised to your environment, question the expertise of the company.

At Hawk CFC, we customise all of our resins to suit the specific needs of each environment. We only recommend products that have been tested and proven to fulfill their promises and we simply do not compromise on quality.

Contact us today for a quote.

If you need to consider heavy foot and vehicle traffic, you may also need to consider slip resistance and chemical resistance.

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