Homes, offices, and even home offices can all benefit from these amazingly durable and long-lasting flooring systems when installed by the pros.

Epoxy flooring has always been a popular choice for industrial applications, and with good reason. But over the years, these floors have popped up more commonly in commercial applications, appearing in hotel lobbies, car showrooms, and offices across Australia.

Even more recently, there has been a spike in epoxy flooring in residential applications across Perth and WA, beefing up garages and adding designer touches to contemporary living spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.

So, why are epoxy floors so popular?

It comes down to the versatility and customisation that they boast. No matter where they’re installed, users reap the many benefits of this durable and timeless flooring system. As you consider your own flooring options, it can help to understand the top benefits of epoxy so you can make the best choice for your home or business.

Understanding epoxy flooring

To really understand why these floors are so incredible, it helps to understand what these floors are actually made of.

Epoxy flooring is actually a coating that is applied as a two-part system. Polymer resins and hardeners are mixed together to create a plastic-like liquid material that can be applied to an existing concrete floor with rollers and left to dry.

Once cured, the coating ingredients are not only bonded together for a durable finish but also directly bonded to the flooring below. An application of at least 2mm of epoxy constitutes an epoxy floor. Anything thinner is just a coating (which also has its own benefits).

Learn more about our epoxy flooring options below:

The benefits of epoxy flooring


Sure, epoxy on its own ranges from clear to cloudy, and you can stick with a plain application to have the grey of plain concrete show through. But you certainly aren’t limited to this. Epoxy can be blended with any number of decorative finishes, from dyes that produce a marbled effect to flakes that give a speckled finish in any number of colour ways. The result is a custom floor that can match any corporate branding or custom design in a residential space like a garage or workspace.


Epoxy floors can be designed for style, but their main function is to protect the concrete substrate below. The special coating actually strengthens the concrete and guards it against cracking and other forms of wear by keeping direct impact and contact at bay. Epoxy is also incredibly strong, able to hold weights between 3,000-10,000 psi depending on how it is formulated and how thick it is applied.


Concrete is already a fairly durable flooring surface. But concrete has a few downsides, and its pourous nature is one of them. Pour water on a concrete floor that’s unprotected, and the water will absorb right into the surface. Coat concrete with an epoxy flooring system and you now have a durable surface that’s also waterproof. And not just against water. Epoxy protects against oils, staining, and chemicals, allowing you to simply wipe them clean without worrying about greater damage.


Speaking of cleaning, epoxy floors are incredibly simple to keep clean and maintain. The most effort you’ll have to expend is regular dusting, vacuuming, or mopping with a damp cloth. No chemicals or harsh cleaning solutions are needed. In fact, they’re frowned against since they can compromise the integrity of the epoxy over time. This also means that epoxy floors are easy to keep clear of common allergens like dust, mold, and mildew which won’t take root on the surface and are easy to wipe away.


We already mentioned water proofing, which is a great feature for homes and offices alike. But epoxy floors can be prepared specially to resist much more. Epoxy is naturally shock resistant, so you don’t have to worry about dents and dings in your flooring. It is also heat resistant up to 90°C and can be formulated to resist even greater temperatures more reliably when mixed with aggregates containing phosphorus. For special applications in hospitals and laboratories, epoxy flooring can even be designed to be anti-static to protect special equipment. It’s also naturally corrosion resistant since it is made of polymers.


Epoxy flooring is an eco-friendlier option for a few reasons. For one, it can be applied to existing concrete flooring, keeping concrete substrates out of landfills. Once applied, epoxy floors are in place for decades, and they don’t flake or deteriorate to introduce particles into a space. They also don’t require any harsh chemicals, which can harm the environment, in order to get clean.

Bonus benefit: A long-lasting flooring system

All of these benefits add up to a durable, long lasting flooring system that you’ll love for years to come. In fact, how long these floors last is also one of the key benefits. The lifetime of an epoxy floor is partly a factor of how much foot traffic the flooring is subjected to. Industrial applications may need more frequent maintenance and extra coating applications to keep up all of the benefits in working order. That said, epoxy flooring can last anywhere between 10-20 years.

Go to the experts in epoxy flooring systems at Hawk CFC

Epoxy flooring systems that are designed to last are put in by professional installers who understand the many nuances of the process. Properly formulating the epoxy, coating it to the right thickness, and allowing for the proper cure time are all key factors to enjoying the benefits of this flooring system. Cut corners, and your floors simply won’t be up to the task or last as long as they should.

That’s where Hawk CFC comes into play for you. We’re the leading experts in epoxy flooring systems here in Perth and the surrounds, working with a variety of formulations all designed and manufactured right here in our facilities in Western Australia. We make sure to understand every client’s unique needs and create a flooring system that looks great and also functions exactly how you need, no matter your requirements.

If you’re considering an epoxy flooring system, call us on 0490 777 761 for a free consultation.

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