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Not all high performance flooring has to be mono-colour. We offer a range of stunning, high performance resin flooring options. You can still keep safety as your number one concern while having a great-looking floor. 

Of course, if you are not interested in all of the safety features and you just want that wow-factor in your floor, we have plenty of sophisticated options for you also!

Whether you want something special for your home, cafe, restaurant, commercial kitchen, factory, warehouse, workshop, school, laboratory, outdoor area, shopping centre, or any industry that requires a high-quality, designer floor, we can custom make a flooring to suit your needs.

Designer Options

Perhaps you know your options and you are set on exactly what you want – fantastic! We will work with you to make your dream floor a reality. If you’ve seen someone else’s floor in the area, or perhaps a picture online that you would like to replicate, let us know and we will talk through your options.

Perhaps you are not sure, and you need some inspiration – no problem. We have plenty of designer options ready for you to look through. See below for our most popular designer floors.



X-Stone is a designer flooring from ERFLA, a Perth-based company with high quality, versatile resins. The X-Stone series is a popular resin for cafes, garages, outdoor walkways and healthcare facilities. The resin is excellent in dealing with heavy foot and vehicle traffic and can be modified to suit your specific requirements such as chemical resistance, UV resistance, slip-rating and a range of other features. Contact us today to learn more about X-Stone for your home or business.

ERFLA X-Canvas

ERFLA X-Canvas

X-Canvas is a clean, single-colour, seamless finish that is sure to make your home or business look and feel cleaner and more spacious. It can be finished with a matte or satin top-coat and there are a variety of colours available; we can even match your company colours if you need. Like all of ERFLA’s resins, X-Canvas has the ability to be modified to suit your specific needs according to the environment your flooring will encounter. This simple yet stylish floor is sure to increase the usefulness and comfort of your space. Call us now to find out more.

ERFLA Insitu Spaces - Original Series

ERFLA Insitu Spaces – Original Series

The ERFLA Insitu Spaces comes in a variety of colours and finishes. The original series is a fashionable and respectable looking floor. It has a concrete-resin mix, giving it that industrial look with a bit of elegance. Insitu Spaces – Original Series brings out the the natural textures in concrete for a professional finish that’s sure to add a touch of class to your home or business.

ERFLA Insitu Spaces - Marble Series

ERFLA Insitu Spaces – Marble Series

The ERFLA Insitu Spaces comes in a variety of colours and finishes. The Marble Series is a much-sought-after designer finish, as it leaves your home or business looking upmarket with a lavish touch. There are many colours and designs to choose from, including the Insitu-Spaces – Original Series which introduces a touch of the modern classy-industrial texture. Contact us today to find out more.

Silikal Quartzite

Silikal Quartzite Flooring

Silikal Quartzite flooring is Perth’s most popular flooring for commercial kitchen floors, restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and other commercial applications. Not only is it a great-looking floor, but it is a food-grade, HACCP accredited, seamless flooring system that keeps any dirt and spills on the surface, maintaining maximum clean-ability. You can find this flooring exclusively at Hawk CFC.

ERFLA Concrete Enhancer

ERFLA Concrete Enhancer

The ERFLA Concrete Enhancer is a clear resin that exemplifies the natural uniqueness of your concrete. No two concrete slabs are alike, they each have individual imperfections, swirl ands patterns and this product brings out the natural beauty in your slab. This budget-friendly option is for those after a raw, natural or industrial look in their home or business. Contact us today to find out more.

Silikal Satin Flooring

Silikal Satin

Silikal Satin is manufactured by Silikal GmbH in Germany and is a clear, satin enhancing resin that brings out the natural beauty in the concrete, highlighting natural swirls and grains. The resin is fully cured in 60 mins so return to service is exceptional. It has much greater scratch resistance compared to epoxy and polyurethane coatings and is superior to mechanical polished concrete due to the barrier created to protect the concrete itself from stains and wear. Slip resistant additives can be incorporated as required, and both the product and Hawk CFC are HACCP Accredited.

Flex-Plate Flooring

Flex-Plate Flooring

Flex-Plate is a completely new concept when it comes to resin flooring. Flex-Plate is a trowel-applied, mineral-filled, slightly flexible, seamless comfort floor with insulating properties and is completely waterproof. Liquid plate is installed from wall to wall, end to end to seamlessly build your space with a mineral-embedded, self-levelling, slightly flexible comfort resin. When your floor requires extreme performance, this premium system is a must. It has a natural granite-stone appearance and can be applied in gloss or satin.

Performance Options

Most industries require a performance flooring whilst still wanting their floor to be a designer piece – and we’ve got you covered! Many of our designer options are extremely hard-wearing and are customisable to suit your needs. Some customisable options might include UV resistance, chemical resistance, withstanding heavy foot or vehicle traffic, waterproofing, safety markings, slip resistance, HACCP accreditation and company colour-matching.

When considering a designer floor, depending on your industry, you may also need to consider existing floor removal, concrete repairs, falls to drains, downtime, and your budget.

Contact us today to find out more.

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