The True Cost of an Epoxy Floor Coating

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When building or renovating, the first thing on everyone’s mind is budget and time; how much exactly does an Epoxy Floor Coating Cost? There are often a list of misleading, preconceived ideas and questions that people have about installing a concrete floor coating that can make the whole experience of receiving quotes for epoxy floors frustrating and daunting. Here, we hope to shed some light on what to expect in terms of quotes and costs and some information on why it is necessary.

1. Why Can’t You Just Give Me a Cost Per Square Metre?

It is understandable that the first question on everyone’s lips when requesting a quote for a concrete floor coating is ‘I just need to know a square metre cost’. Unfortunately, in this business, if you are provided a fixed-price square metre rate, this is actually a reason to be suspicious of the quality and expertise of the company you’re speaking with. The price of your floor will be dependent on:

  1. The amount of resin required – this will change depending on whether your floor needs levelling, or if it is lower than the rest of the flooring and how many layers your particular type of flooring will require.
  2. The additives you will need to customise your floor (chemical resistance, UV resistance, slip-resistance, flexibility, vibrant colours etc). Sometimes these are free, but sometimes the presence of one additive means the resin itself needs to be changed or modified further so the resilience of the resin is not compromised.
  3. The preparation your floor requires. All concrete slabs need to be prepared, some are much more labour-intensive than others, depending on what is on the floor previously and how evenly level the floor is.
  4. If concrete repairs are required. Some cracking in concrete floors are of no real concern and are a cheap and easy fix, other times the reason for the crack is much more serious and may involve concrete to be cut away with new concrete and reinforcements to be laid. If this is not done correctly, the floor will crack again in future.
  5. If moisture is present, a vapour barrier and an antimicrobial barrier may need to be added, which is not necessarily included in the cost of the resin

The cost of installing an epoxy floor is far more than just the cost of resin. Every floor is a custom job, and every job is a permanent installation that will outlast any other kind of flooring you could choose, whether it’s for commercial or industrial purposes.

2. Isn’t a ‘Variation’ Just Code to Increase My Epoxy Floor Coating Cost?

‘Variation’ is a word widely used in the construction industry, and it describes any unforeseen circumstance that was not included in the original quote.

A Variation for an Epoxy Floor Coating is a word used to describe any problem that may present itself during the flooring installation that, if ignored, will likely cause the floor to fail. Variations are factors that have not been quoted on in the original cost because they were not seen as a definite need for extra cost until after the installation started.

A similar example of variations is when you take your car to the mechanic: They may quote you for the estimated parts and labour cost and then a couple of hours later, they call to say they’ve just found some broken bearings that also need replacing. Without the bearings’ replacement, the repairs will have been pointless. In light of new complications that were previously unforeseen, the original quote has been increased to include much-needed variations. Variations are frustrating but when they’re needed, they’re imperative.

At Hawk CFC, we believe in full transparency and try to include as many possible variations in the description on your quote, but not in the initial cost as there is a distinct possibility the variations will not be needed. Every quote is custom, and any foreseeable variations and the appropriate m2 or hourly cost will appear on your quote for your information, but will not be included in the final amount on your initial quote. It is important that you read through the variations to understand the complications that may appear during installation. It is possible that no variations will be necessary, in which case you will not be charged for anything more than the original quote. In the event that a variation does arise, it will be discussed with you before the extra work is completed.

3. Why Does an Epoxy Floor Coating Cost More Than Vinyl and Tiles?

The short answer is that vinyl and tiles, whilst still viable flooring options, have a shorter life-span than epoxy floor coatings, and their installers generally ignore any real issues that lay within your concrete. It is a common issue to have mould and grime appearing in grout, in cracks or cuts in vinyl and in the seam between the wall an the floor. Any liquids that dribble down the backs of countertops, any spills or excess liquids or chemicals from cleaning will find their way into your concrete, slowly reducing the lifespan of your slab. Any moisture that may come up through the floor will lay underneath any floor coverings and are seldom noticed until the flooring is pulled up and the problem has escalated to an endeavour that will put a big dent in your back pocket.

When a flooring installer comes and installs vinyl or tiles, they don’t first test your concrete for its’ density or moisture levels. They won’t perform pull-off testing to see how easily glue and other substances will come away from your flooring and, they won’t consider the ambient temperature and humidity the floor sustains and, depending on the level of expertise and the kind of room they’re installing it into, they may not test whether or not your floor is even level.

Epoxy Floor Coatings are high-performance floors that don’t just cover your concrete slab, but holistically include your slab as a major factor in the durability and longevity of your flooring installation.

3. How Much Will My Epoxy Floor Coating Cost?

The cost will be completely dependent on your personal floor. To get a speedy quote, check out our article ‘9 Things you must know before coating your concrete floor‘ to know exactly what kind of information will fast-track up your quoting process.

For a customised quote, contact us today on 1300 429 592.

To know a little more about what kinds of floors can fit into your budget, check out our guide for our designer floors, from low budget to high-end performance floors. Or contact us to discuss your options.

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