Why You Need to Consider Floor Coving for Your Hygiene Requirements

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If you are in the food industry, education, health, laboratories, pharmaceuticals or if hygiene is your number one priority, you will need to consider coving to cover the joints between the floor and the walls. The number one issue with flooring is seams and cracks which allow moisture and bacteria to penetrate and grow.

The Benefits of Resin Coving

Traditional stainless steel or plastic coving can provide a viable solution for your hygiene needs, and we can even install these for you. However, resin coving provides a superior, seam-free environment. Resin coving, just like resin flooring, creates a permanent bond between the wall and the resin, guaranteeing that there will be no seams, cracks or gaps for for moisture and bacteria. Furthermore, it can be made to flow seamlessly with a resin flooring, looking like an extension of your floor.

Washdown Solutions

Resin Coving makes washdowns easy because our resin coving and resin floooring are 100% waterproof. Eliminating corners and 90 degree crevices between the floor and walls means that water has no place to get trapped and reduces the time of squeegeeing water into the drains. Washing down the walls is also made easier as the water will simply flow down the coving and out onto the floor, ready to be pushed into the drains.

If you are in need of high standards of hygiene, you may also need to consider HACCP certification, Waterproofing and Falls to Drains.

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