If Down-Time for Your Business Simply is NOT an Option, Look No Further

HACCP Accreditation

Many resins require day of curing before ‘light’ foot traffic is allowed, then another week before the floor is fully cured. For a busy industry that does not sleep or close, excessive curing times are simply not an option. There are resins that cure much fast, in as little as an hour! In some cases, turnaround can be within 24 hours, or over the course of a couple of night shifts to keep your business running in meantime.

The difficulty with rapid-cure resins is that they belong to a specialised industry; expertise are the name of the game if you want your installers to be in and out without a hiccup. Rapid-cure resins do not respond to atmospheric conditions in the same way that other epoxies might, and because they cure FAST, the installers have to work twice as fast so as to continue working on a wet surface. If the cured resin were to catch up to the installer, you will end up with unsightly seams across your floor.

Rapid Cure Resin is a Specialised Industry

To make matters even harder, once the resin is mixed, the pot life is only minutes before it is no longer good for use. An experienced installer of rapid-cure resin will know they need to be extremely prepared and know exactly how they plan to roll out the floor. They need an experienced team who work well under pressure and who have worked with the resins previously. Watch the video to see just how fast we have to work to stay ahead of the resin.

Asking some simple questions about the nature of fast-curing resins will reveal very quickly how much an applicator knows about them. Be sure to check the experience of any company you receive quotes from when down-time is not an option.

Hawk CFC are the industry experts in fast-curing resins. We build our team of installers based on their experience in this industry and we have a reputation across the Perth metro area as experienced industrial and commercial flooring installers.

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If you need to consider using rapid-cure resin, you may also need to consider HACCP certification and designer options.

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