There’s more than one reason why these versatile floors are become popular throughout homes and businesses across Perth.

Looking for the most durable and fashionable flooring material on the market?

You might already have it.

Look down. If you have a concrete slab in your Perth home, you can turn it into the contemporary flooring system of your dreams. All it takes is a bit of imagination and some polish.

That’s right.

Concrete floors are fast becoming one of the most popular flooring options in Perth and the surrounds, and with good reason. But don’t think that we mean a plain or dreary grey swath of concrete. With concrete polishing and a bit of finesse, interior polished concrete floors can not only take a beating but look great doing it.

Let’s take a closer look together at the pros and cons of these floors and what you can expect from them in your home or business.

What exactly are polished concrete floors?

Concrete is known as a utilitarian and durable flooring material. But it’s also on the rise as a modern or contemporary flooring material beyond commercial and industrial spaces. And when polished to a shine, it can look like a refined, expensive flooring option that’s surprisingly affordable.

So what is polished concrete?

Well, as the name says, these floors are made of poured concrete that is they ground or polished with abrasive tools to give it a shine. Using different grits, mechanical polishing equipment can achieve different levels of polish, or shine, to create a desired look. This can be everything from exposing a bit of aggregate or smoothing the concrete just enough to create a marbled appearance.

Polished concrete is achieved through three different methods: exposure, shine, and sealant

  • Exposure: How much concrete is honed, or removed, to produce the desired look
  • Shine: How much reflection is produced when light hits the surface
  • Sealant: How much coating is applied to protect the floor from spills, dents, and foot traffic

What are the benefits of interior polished concrete floors?

#1 – Style

We’re talking about much more than a shiny grey slab, which might look great on its own after all. The design options available for polished concrete include everything from aggregate to colouring. If you are working with an existing slab, you can add sealants, dyes, and epoxy resins that give concrete a new lease on life. When working with a brand-new concrete pour, the options are nearly limitless.

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#2 – Durability

Concrete is by and far the most durable flooring option available, guaranteed to outlast any carpeting, timber, or tile you install. It can be sealed to resist pretty much everything from liquids to chemicals and oils.

#3 – Maintenance

These floors are notoriously simple to keep clean and require nearly no maintenance. Just wipe clean with a dry cloth to remove dust or debris or, at most, a damp rag or mop to wipe up spills. Once the concrete is sealed, it should last 10 years or more depending on how much foot traffic you get and the type of sealer used.

#4 – Comfort

Newly poured floors can be installed with radiant floor heating systems to take the chill out of the slab. Sealants also keep out moisture just as much as they protect the floors from absorbing it.

#5 – Eco-friendly

In many cases, you can use an existing slab of concrete for your interior floors without any waste materials in the process. As long as the surface is structurally sound to start with and without significant cracking, you can give your existing concrete a new life. Concrete is also insulating, helping you keep your spaces cool or warm as needed without letting heat and cold seep out of your home.

#6 – Allergens

And by allergens, we mean a lack thereof. Concrete floors can help with indoor air quality since they don’t hold onto or promote mold, dust, mildew, or other allergens. With regular, straightforward cleaning (see above for low maintenance), you’ll be able to keep it all to a minimum.

When are interior polished concrete floors not a great idea?

No flooring solution is 100% perfect for every scenario, and there are a few where perhaps concrete might not be the best option for your floors.

Concrete is loved for its durability, but with that comes a very, very hard surface. Some homeowners might not like the hard feel of concrete underfoot or want this harder material in place if they have young children who spend time playing on their floors. Of course, area rugs and other furnishings can help mitigate this.

Another reason to forego interior polished concrete floors also has to do with the hardness. Concrete is unforgiving, meaning if you drop something on it, the floor will remain protected but the item might be a goner. Brace yourself for breakages if you drop a wine glass, but at least the cleanup will be a breeze.

Polish your concrete flooring to a shine with Hawk CFC

Interior polished concrete floors are an affordable, designer option that can make any home functional and fashionable.

At Hawk CFC, we create designer floors for homes and businesses across Perth and the surrounds at prices that are competitive. As an Australian owned and operated business, we’re also the only West Australian installation company that manufactures its own materials. That means you’ll get a high-quality floor no matter your project needs.

Our flooring experts are on hand to provide advise and consultations on the best way to revitalize your slab. If you’re considering polished concrete floors for your space, give us a call on 0490 777 761 or request a free consultation online.

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