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Concrete Flooring:

The Top 8 Reasons Why Concrete Floors are the Ideal Flooring Solution For Residential & Commercial Spaces

1) There’s an incredible range of concrete floors available today; everything from “Glass Finish”, “Pearl Resin”, “Stone Resin,” “Designer Trowel,” “Acid Staining, “Concrete Enhancer.” For now these may just be industry jargon so check out our photo gallery

2) Enjoy the Seamless Beauty of Concrete Flooring; Imagine a single sheet of stone or resin stretching throughout the entire space without breaks, joins, strips, or grout-lines

3) Easy to Maintain; Much harder than timber flooring, much easier to clean than tiles, grout, or vinyl. Impervious to water and stains, our resin concrete floors are a breeze to clean.

4) The perfect backdrop to your interior design project; Add value to your property, and complement any interior design goal

5) Hard-wearing; Our concrete flooring is used extensively in Industrial and Mining applications as well as in Retail, Showrooms, and Homes.

6) Polished Concrete isn’t the only solution; Concrete polishing the traditional way is losing popularity, but resin concrete flooring is trending fast.

7) Hygienic. Properly installed concrete floors will not harbour bacteria, and repel germs. Like a kitchen bench-top, your floor is easily wiped clean.

8) Cost-Effective; when weighing the flooring options available, it’s hard to ignore the pure value of concrete and epoxy flooring. Achieve a unique and creative finish, or enhance the raw beauty of your concrete slab, and do it for less.

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